Will to build - Birrarung House, Eltham / Conical Gallery

Will to Build, was a concurrent residency and exhibition project. An exhibition at Conical Gallery ran concurrently and in dialogue with the last month of the residency project. The house became a structuring device for thought, spatial separation of ideas, movement from one location to another, the in-betweeness motif and the ‘passage’ to and from the site in Eltham to the Gallery in Fitzroy.

Both Birrarung and Conical employed varying at-hand materials, spaces and tools in similar ways. Birrarung used chairs, timber panelling, dirt and ash, windows and floor coverings alongside aluminium struts, packaging, plasticine, wax, tape and crates. Conical used catalogue boxes from the office, tables from storage, window covers, rugs, chairs, clamps and so on.

Will to Build, Birrarung House Eltham
Will to Build, Conical Gallery, Melbourne
site specific material and sizes
(intervention) Birrarung House, Eltham, 4 - 25 October, 2008 (Installation) Conical Gallery, Fitzroy 4 - 25 October, 2008

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Birrarung House, Eltham

Conical Gallery, Fitzroy

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